Humanscale Freedom Chair Fully Adjustable Model With Headrest In Black Leather

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Condition: Used, Keep in excellent condition
BRAND: Humanscale
SKU: FreedomHeadrest-Black

The Humanscale Freedom executive chair provides unparalleled back
support. This uniquely ergonomic design self-adjusts to match your
movements in the chair. That means continual support, no matter the
task at hand. As you move throughout the day, the Freedom executive
chair will provide support and comfort. Plus, this executive chair isn't
short on style. You'll love the look of this high-style design, just as much
as its feel.

• Includes Headrest
• Black Leather
• Adjustable Arms
• Adjustable Headrest
• Back Height Adjustment
• Hard Casters
• Pneumatic Lift Adjusts the Height of the Chair
• Adjustable Seat Depth