About Us

Newstar is an office furniture wholesaler, manufacturer and reseller of the top reputable brands such as Herman Miller, Ergohuman, Haworth, Steelcase and Okamura etc. We strongly believe that a great office environment equipped with premium furniture will greatly enhance productivity and creativity. At Newstar, we are dedicated to helping our customers find the best fit for their daily usage. Many of us who work in offices spend more than 8 hours a day sitting and after many years, these 8 daily hours of sitting will affect our overall physical and mental well-being. At Newstar, we take great pride in delivering the latest furniture technology with both our resale and in-house products.

Save the environment!
At Newstar, we do not believe that an office furniture's lifespan is shorter than two years. Brands such as Herman Miller, Ergohuman, Haworth, Steelcase and Okamura take great pains in developing the latest technology for tables and chairs and these chairs have the durability to last beyond two years. At Newstar, we primarily take in used furniture from banks and we refurbish them to maintain and prolong their lifespan. In doing so, we aim to make these furniture available and more affordable to the general public, giving more customers the opportunity to enjoy the comfort of a branded and luxurious furniture! We also reduce wastage by not sending these furniture straight to the dumping ground!

Newstar's In-House Brand
Through our many years in the office furniture industry, we have realized that more and more customers are looking for more affordable variants of these branded products. Realizing the demand for these types of office furniture, we went on to develop our own in-house brand that delivers same and even more advanced office furniture technology! With our own in-house manufacturer and supplier, we are able to cater to commercial customizations as per required by our customers and we can also handle large volume orders. Over the years, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience through our interactions with new and returning customers (residential and commercial) and our products are all specially engineered for optimum comfort and productivity with modern aesthetics and design.