Herman Miller Aeron Chair Classic Lumbar Support Model, Size B

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Herman miller Aeron Chair Classic Lumbar Support Model, Half Loaded Size B & Fully Loaded Size C
Please Take a Note The Size B Model Doesn't Come With Forward Tilt And Backward Lock.

Size B - Basic Model: The Armrest Are Not Adjustable

Suitable for commercial office use - offices, meeting rooms, receptions, centres and director's offices
Suitable for residential home use - study rooms and bedrooms Reconditioned Aeron offer you this most-desired biometric chair at a most-desirable price.

The Herman Miller Aeron Chair adapts naturally and adjusts precisely to fit people of all sizes
Breathable, woven suspension membrane mesh on Seat & Back
Body weight is distributed evenly eliminating pressure points and heat build up
Superior comfort and body support

Shipped out to you within days

1 year Reconditioned Warranty

Tension adjustment for the backward
Fully Adjustable Armrest (Size B & C Model, Exclude The Basic Model)
Forward Tilt (Size C Model)
Backward Lock (Size C Model)
Adjustable Lumbar Support
Standard Casters ideal for multiple floor types
Size B (2 Dot, medium size) easily fitting those 5′ 3″ to 6′ 3″
Classic Graphite Color in Mesh Seat & Back and Frame
Each chair is professionally, reconditioned, cleaned and serviced

Available Options: 
Size B without headrest: $880
Size B with headrest: $980

Size B - Basic Model without headrest: $798
Size B - Basic Model with headrest: $898

Size C full-featured without headrest: $980
Size C full-featured with headrest: $1080

All with free delivery