Okamura Zephyr Light Mesh Chair with Lumbar Support

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Condition: Used but kept in excellent condition

Light & Comfort Japanese Design
Okamura's Zephyr Light Mesh Chair has been recognized worldwide for its design functionality, comfort and beautiful form.

Shaped for Ease
The beautifully organic shape of Zephyr Light is inspired by the smooth curves found in nature. The back view in particular is defined by its frame, incorporating unique lines that seem to flow freely.

Feature: Adjustable for a feel just right for you
Zephyr Light can be fully adjusted to each individual user. Thanks to fine adjustability in areas such as reclining angle, seat position and armrest height, comfort is maintained even after long periods of sitting.

1. Adjustable seat height
2. Adjustable seat slide
3. Adjustable reclining
4. Adjustable armrest height
5. Adjustable arm pad angle
6. Adjustable arm pad forward and backward
7. Adjustable arm pad left and right

Color: Black
Backrest: Mesh
Armrests : 3D* Adjustable arm
*3D : The up and down(1D), angle(2D), back and forth(3D) positioning of the arm pads are adjustable.
Headrest: Without Headrest
Lumbar Support: With Lumbar Support

Warranty: 6 months in-house warranty for all the functional problems