Steelcase Gesture Chair (With Wrap Back)

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Condition: Used but kept in Excellent condition

Acclaimed Movement:
Gesture redefines the relationship between you and your chair. Voted best office chair 2022 by Wirecutter, its 360-degree arms, contoured back and adjustments are designed for all the ways technology shapes your posture.

Core Interface:
Our back moves in three directions: 1) forward and back, 2) lateral bend, and 3) torsional rotation. Gesture supports all three movements of the back through its design. The 3D live back is able to support as well as contouring our back as well as the connected pelvis. - The result is unparalleled support.

Connect You to Technology:
The 4D 360 armrests move in a more natural human motion to connect you to a range of different technologies in the most seamless way.

All in the Seat:
Because you are always making contact with the seat, we are determined to make the seated comfort world class. Gesture has the larger seat to fit larger body sizes, but with its contouring material, it also hugs smaller users. The intuitive seat depth adjustment is just as important for the optimal seat comfort catering to different leg lengths.

Height: 997mm - 1124mm
Width: 569mm - 880mm
Depth: 534mm - 601mm
Seat Width: 508mm
Back Height: 612mm

Wheels: Soft Casters Suitable For Hardwood Floors
Seat Materials: Leather
Frame & Base Materials: Aluminum

Warranty: 6 month in-house warranty