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A meticulously planned workstation area can vastly improve the overall performance and flow of the office environment. Often portrayed as the heart of an office by supporting employees of different roles, the well-thought-out placement of individual workstation clusters would improve the productivity of sales representatives and bestow the much-needed privacy to HR and finance staff who handle confidential, sensitive information. 

A well-designed workstation cluster provides a pleasant and healthy work environment, which improves employee engagement and corporate culture.  Workstation clusters also help reduce unnecessary distractions and interruptions among colleagues due to their strategic placement in the office.  Further, they empower employees with the flexibility to choose the most suitable workstation depending on the requirement of their specific job. 

For the Panel Workstations:

This elegant and modern panel partition wall is the perfect solution for your office. 

It's sturdy, structural support provides stability and security to your office. The threaded hole wire cap for socket management adds a distinctive look to this partition wall. 

The wire cap hole is a handy cable management solution. 

40mm thickness design meets a large wire management requirement. Aluminium panels are on the basis of the office needs to choose a 120H universal raceway, wire management will be made orderly and regular by separation of strong and weak power. Meanwhile, without any removable on the screen, wire management can be checked and maintained.  

We provide different types of designs, and materials to achieve more modern technology, more careful craftsmanship, more advanced equipment and higher quality material. Meanwhile, we apply emotional design concepts to make it perfect.  

For Director Table Manager Desk Set: 

Create a solution that suits you and your team – for meetings, creative workshops, collaborations and individual tasks. 

Workstations with storage cabinets make it easy to create a uniform workplace since they match the desks and storage solutions in the same series. You get a generous work surface and a clever solution to keep cables in place underneath. 

You can place your files and documents on the cabinet lockers. 

For the Meeting Table:  

A conference table is a necessity for any business that wants to hold meetings and discuss important topics but not just any conference table will do. 

This table has a large area so it's perfect for spreading out documents or displaying presentations. The built-in cable holes where power strips can be installed make it easy to keep everyone charged and connected. This table has a wide surface that gives you all the workspace you need while still looking sleek and professional. The simple, clean lines of the table make it perfect for any meeting space. This table has a sturdy construction so it ensures that it will withstand years of use.  

Therefore, whether you're planning a small meeting or a large conference, this table is the perfect solution. 

Our Rectangular Conference Table is available in: 

  • Different colour variants 
  • Custom sizes (from 2.2m x 10m x 7.5m to 8m x 1.8m x 7.5m) 

For the Chairs: 

We provide a wide range of office chairs for different space usage and different functions with reasonable commercial prices.