Herman Miller Embody Logitech Gaming Chair

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Tested and approved by ergonomic experts and pro gamers, the Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody Gaming Chair is ready to advance your play. Enhanced specifically for gamers' needs, the Embody Gaming Chair is engineered to encourage movement, support a range of postures (from active and upright to reclined and relaxed), eliminate pressure buildup, and even keep you cool with an extra layer of copper-infused foam.


Sitting surface material: Fabric
Fabric material: Mesh
Five-star pin material: Steel Feet


45" H 29.5" W 29" D
Packing size: 750*720*1030mm
Packing weight: 23.6kg




The best of Embody enhanced with features designed for work or play.New gaming seat with an additional layer of foam for lasting comfort.Seat features new copper-infused cooling foam technology to prevent heat buildup.

1. Seat Height: To rise the seat and to lower the seat
2. Tilt Tension: To Increase or decrease the lean back tension.
3. Tilt Limit: To engage recline and move tab up to define the limit of recline. To release: Lean forward and flip tab fully downward.
4: Arm Height: To raise the arms or to lower the arms.
5: Arm Width: To Adjust the arms width from left to right.