Herman Miller Sayl Chair With Optional Lumbar

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Condition: BRAND NEW!

Option Lumbar Support for Sayl Chair:
1. Black Color Full Featured Without Lumbar Support: $888
2. Black Color Full Featured Model With Lumbar Support: $988
3. Grey/White Color Full Featured Model Without Lumbar Support: $988
4. Grey/White Color Full Featured Model With Lumbar Support: $1028

Product Description:
- The new Sayl chair by Herman Miller uses a flexible suspension material to create a comfortable and ergonomic chair. This unique material eliminates hard edges and the need for a frame. Choose from a range of adjustability, from a basic model to a fully adjustable task chair.
- Endless color combinations can be achieved when you customize your seat, back, frame and arm pad colors! The Sayl Chair is also available with an upholstered back.

Product Highlights:
- The Sayl is lightweight and 93% recyclable. The structural components are hollowed out, reducing weight and volume.
- Sayl Chair Adjustments
- Height Adjustment: A lever on the right side of the chair allows you to easily adjust the seat height of the chair. The feature is included on all Sayl Chairs.
- Tension Adjustment: A round tension knob on the right side of the chair can be turned to adjust the tension of the recline. Simply turn the knob until you find a tension that is comfortable for reclining in the chair – not too tight and not too loose. This feature is included on all Sayl Chairs.
- Tilt Limiter: The tilt limiter allows you to control how far back the chair reclines. Simply use the lever on the left side of the chair to lock the chair in an upright position or recline (partially or fully). This feature is included on all Sayl Chairs.
- Seat Angle: The seat angle adjustment allows you to put the seat in a forward angled position. This can be more comfortable for workers that like to sit in an upright or forward leaning position.
- Adjustable Seat Depth: Use a lever on the bottom of the seat to choose from three seat depth options. Pull the lever and slide the seat into your desired position.
- Height Adjustable Arms: Height adjustable arms go up and down. Pull the lever on the outside of the arm and slide the arm up or down. Release when you find the perfect arm height.
- Casters: Carpet casters are made of hard black plastic and they are ideal for use on low-pile carpets. Hard floor or carpet casters are made of a softer, rubbery material that glides smoothly and quietly on hard floors. The 3″ casters are will help the Sayl Chair move on medium or high pile carpet.

Warranty: 12 years warranty from Herman Miller