Newstar Home Schick Study Chair

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Condition: BRAND NEW!

Newstar Computer Chair, Home Schick Chair, Office Seat Elevating Study Chair, Swivel Ergonomics Chair

Product Features:
Available Colours: Grey, Pink
- The frame is made of PP plus fiber white, anti-aging, anti-cold agent added below minus 20 degrees and not bursting.
- The fabric is made of high-grade breathable mesh cloth or high-tech waterproof flannelette, which is scratch resistant and wear-resistant.
- PP fiberglass armrest which can be set at a 90 degree Angle, with 1 minute soft sponge on the handrail surface, has passed the vertical static pressure test of 90kg and the horizontal tension test of 68kg twice, maintaining pressure for 60 seconds per time.
- Chassis thickness 2.5mm fully sealed explosion-proof, with tilt function; 5, 4 points of native foaming sponge, sponge density ≥35kg/m3.
- Three-stage powder spraying, drawing, 100-shrink, 45MM explosion-proof air rod, nitrogen purity up to 99.99%, fully sealed explosion-proof inner wall thickness 2.0mm, outer wall thickness 1.2mm.
- 310MM white nylon glass fiber five-star feet, which can pass the test.
- 50MM hard floor PU casters, which can rotate for 100,000 cycles under 150kg load without failure.
- The back of the chair passes the test of 90KG pulling back twice, and the pressure is maintained for 60 seconds/time.

Warranty: 1 years in-house warranty