Ergonomic Kids Chair, Study Chair

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Condition: BRAND NEW!

Product Description:
Suitable for children from 3 to 18 years old!

Product Features:
Adjustable seat height to suit children age between 3 to 18

Two concave and convex saddle design, dragging the third to fourth vertebra, relieve the pressure of the legs ±15 degrees to adjust the back of the chair, relieve the pressure of the spine, prevent the child hunchback

Quality materials:
Breathable and anti-dust mite memory form seat cushion
Aviation industry used carbon steel chair frame
ABS Plastic base
Powder coated finish
Weight activated brake castors to help stabilize the chair while sitting down

Gravity wheel design. When the chair is loaded with 20kg, the wheel locks itself, allowing the child to focus more on learning and slide freely in a natural state.

Warranty: 2 year against frame