Ergonomic Kids Desk and Chair Combo

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Condition: BRAND NEW!

Product Description:
Suitable for children from 3 to 18 years old!

Product Features:
1. Desk:
- Adjustable desk height to suit children age between 3 to 18
- The desktop can be tilted to different angles to help children vary their work postures
- Desktop: ISO Certificate of environmental friendly medium density fiberboard(MDF); < 0.1mg/L formaldehyde content
- Scratch resistance veener (maximize durability)
- Underneath stationery tray
- The bookshelf is equipped with a scalable IPAID reading board to keep a safe reading distance of 30 cm (to prevent children from myopia):
- Table size: W 95 x D 65 x H 59~86.5 cm
- Shelf size: W 70 x H 35 cm
- National standard grade e1-grade plate - America fumihome resistant decorative panel - wear-resistant (repeated friction desktop smooth, scratch resistant (the key is light scratch without leaving traces, high temperature resistant (flame retardant) easy to clean (watercolor pen)

Warranty: 2 year against frame

2. Chair:
- Adjustable seat height to suit children age between 3 to 18
- Two concave and convex saddle design, dragging the third to fourth vertebra, relieve the pressure of the legs ±15 degrees to adjust the back of the chair, relieve the pressure of the spine, prevent the child hunchback
- Quality materials: Breathable and anti-dust mite memory form seat cushion; Aviation industry used carbon steel chair frame; ABS Plastic base; Powder coated finish; Weight activated brake castors to help stabilize the chair while sitting down
- Gravity wheel design. When the chair is loaded with 20kg, the wheel locks itself, allowing the child to focus more on learning and slide freely in a natural state.

Warranty: 2 year against frame