Newstar Spiral Cable Management, Wire Organizer for Office Desk

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How many electronics devices are on/under your desk, and what a mess around it?
Cell phone, Sport watch, Speaker, Computer, Mouse, Game pad, Desk lamp, headphone and maybe your router.
It will make you annoying unless all of them are wireless, but at the same time, you have to charge them, right?
Cable management is important to keep your desk tidy. This Cable Management Kit can be the part solution for your Office Desk Organizer. It solves the wires under your desk.

Under the desk: Cable management can store up the tied cables or power strip. Hide the cables in our vertebrae cable management, it can make the cables in shape whenever the desk height is adjusted. Cable tie wrap may be in need.

Standing Desk Cable Magement
- Fix the end of this Cord Magement Spine to the back of desk by screws. Organize the power cords into the channels by 4 directions.
- Height adjustable cable management, assemble or remove the parts easily according to your desk height.
- Easy installation
- Accessory for Electrical Desk: Bendable cord management kit can tidy the space under the desk whenever you sit or stand.
- A ABS plasitic weighted base provides stability for the spine and the cords routed through it. Slide each cable through the slot into one of four channels within the cable manager, to keep cables organized and help prevent trips over cables on the floor.
- The Cable Management Vertebrae features a modular design, with segments that snap together, allowing you to adjust the length to suit your needs.

Our cord manager orderly routes power cords, electrical and AV cables from the floor to your laptop or monitor.
The flexibility of the cable manager sleeve bends and moves, providing protection and strain relief for your cables.