Office Concept - Collaboration

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We recommend top quality furniture that not only fit the theme and decoration of your office, but also your culture. We are strong believers in the power of collaboration, and when clients ask us for ideas or concepts regarding the use of space in their office, we're always excited to help.

Here are some of the concepts we've proposed to clients that feature minimalist, yet extremely functional, furniture. Perfect for hot-desking, or for open-floor concepts where communication is extremely important. Sturdy group workstations with smaller partitions help give individuals their personal space, but still keep the group anchored as a team. Ergonomic chairs round off the workstations to provide maximum comfort, especially when you spend over 50% of your daytime hours inside.

Brighter coloured furniture helps expand the office space, making it look larger and more spacious and not feel like a suffocating environment. It's perfect when combined with strong natural lighting.