Okamura Contessa Chair Full Mesh Ergonomic Chair

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Office Chairs of OKAMURA CONTESSA are developed by GIUGIARO Design Company - the leader of the Italian industrial design, made in Japan. 

Product Descriptions:

  • Brand: Contessa
  • Country of Manufacture: Japan
  • Availability of Armrests: Yes
  • Color: Black
  • Office chair base: Crossings with wheels
  • Elastic mesh back
  • Five-star Aluminum leg base
  • Adjustable seat elevation
  • Adjustable seat depth
  • Lockable reclining positions
  • Adjustable reclining tension
  • Ankle tilt reclining
  • Adjustable lumbar support (height, depth)
  • Smooth rolling casters (75mm diameter)


Delivery charges:

  • $650 each for Self Collection
  • $680 with Free Delivery


Condition: Used, keep in excellent condition