Headrest For Herman Miller Sayl Office Engineered Chair

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Hands down the best headrest ever available for your chair. Built from the ground up to magnificently complement your chair and maximize your ergonomic investment.
Materials and workmanship have been perfected to flawlessly match your chair.

Headrests are equipped with a wide range of adjustability to follow you into your next position as your comfort needs change throughout the course of your day. Whether you’re a recliner, a task worker, a postural master, or looking to take a quick rest in between tasks, it got you covered.

- Up and down adjustment, stereoscopic support
- Concave design: Internal concavity of the occipital surface, correcting sitting posture

Triangle support, uniformly stressed
Designed for Sayl chair, it fits the neck at multiple angles, providing you with three-dimensional support to relieve muscle pressure on the head, neck and shoulders

Three parts naturally fit to fill the gap
Ergonomic design can effectively fill the gap between the head, neck, shoulders and the seat to maintain the normal curvature of the cervical spine and reduce the impact force on the head and neck when lying down