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Herman Miller Cosm chairs’ sophisticated, ergonomic design instantly responds to
your body, movement, and posture to provide natural balance and total support.
The Auto-harmonic Tilt feature offers intuitive, balanced support and movement
depending on your body and posture. Along with a continuous form of elastomeric
suspension eliminating the gap between seat and back, the Herman
Miller Cosm chair provides dynamic spinal support in a breathable, temperatureneutral manner. The thin yet strong frame allows you to comfortably move your
upper body by offering support while flexing.

With a range of Herman Miller office chairs for you to choose from, take your pick
by deciding on the chair that suits your usage and needs. The best chair to use is
one that supports a healthy posture whilst offering a truly comfortable sit, even
during long hours of sitting.

Flexible Frame: The thin but strong frame feels nearly non-existent and offers
support while flexing so you can comfortably move your upper body.

Auto-Harmonic Tilt: Self adjusting mechanism that instantly and automatically
provides balanced support and movement depending on the person’s body,
posture, and the way that they’re sitting. This finely tuned comfort lets people move
around as much as they want and comes without the need to twist and turn knobs.
The only lever on the chair adjusts the height, so you can sit down, get to work, and
forget about gravity.

High-Back: The high-back fits like a glove while providing upper-thoracic support
and a sense of comfort and privacy.

Versatile Armrests:
Height Adjustable Arms: Height Adjustable Arms adjust 4.4 inches vertically from 7
inches to 11.4 inches above the seat. This gives you the ability to support your arms
at a comfortable height without straining your shoulders.

Leaf Arms: Aiming to reinvent the task chair arm, Studio 7.5 developed Cosm’s Leaf
Arms, which provide a large, comfortable resting place for your elbow. The soft but
firm cradle design stabilizes your body and allows you to place your elbow
wherever it’s most comfortable, and the fixed design turns the arms into handles
that make getting in and out of the seat easy.


Video: https://youtu.be/FX1K9p0E384